Foreigners are Trying to Improve the Thai Education System

There are many good Thai teachers, born educators. Genuine Thais who have the gift, that some of their colleagues who have been brought up on rote learning do not have, of keeping a class fully engaged and attentive.

They encourage questioning and try to get their students to think for themselves rather than repeat what they have read in books or heard in class.

All classes will have youngsters that may want to steal the limelight. It is all too easy for an inexperienced teacher to respond to those same students instead of ensuring the whole class participates. Involving everyone and drawing out those who may be a little shy is the hallmark of a good educator.

A lively and attentive class, with respect for their teacher, is the most wanted result.

There are some really good farang teachers from western countries too. But a few have poor English grammar and pronunciation themselves. Often they are backpackers or retirees who are not legally allowed to teach, unqualified, and without work permits.

Having said that, I know of one regular world traveler who has been offered a renewable contract by a school. He spends six months of every year in Thailand and returns to the school each year to teach a new set of pupils. His classes are always full of attentive children who enjoy and benefit from his teaching. He has no formal teaching qualification but his English is faultless.


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