Medium and Substack.

The two platforms have different aims and objectives.

The tagging system

A respected Japanese writer on food and health uses Culture as a tag in order to get her stories read. She can get away with it since she has many posts on the Medium platform and Medium turn a blind eye. Lesser known writers don’t have that advantage.

You can’t read all the stories

Medium readers can only read and comment on a certain number of posts per month. Admin will not say what that number is. To be able to read and comment, a reader has to upgrade to a paid membership of $5 per month. They can then read any story published by any author on Medium without restriction. I have not tested that but assume it is true. I mention Medium’s perceived actual business model later.

Medium writers can, according to the stated rules, publish articles (“stories” as Medium prefers to call them) which can be read by both paid members on Medium and those who have chosen not to upgrade to a paid membership.

Writers who have a paid membership will have their membership withdrawn if they don’t maintain a following of 100 readers. It is not known whether Medium’s algorithms affect the number of posts that can be written or seen by readers.

A Summary


A Caveat

The Take Away



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