Should We Believe All Thai Traditions?

A Thai monk feeding dogs in the temple
  1. Dogs often go to the local temples to play together.

Enjoyable Thai party last night. Everyone brought some homemade northern Thai food to share. And the karaoke really got going after a few drinks. Got up late this morning.

Had to go into Chiangmai for some garden plants. Came back and there was no sign of my dog.

Where had Talley gone this time? Cycled round for an hour or so trying to find him. Eventually found my pet playing with some of the dogs at the local wat (temple).

My neighbour, Khun Fon, had lit some candles in our spirit house and was praying for his safe return.

A Thai Spirit House
To give thanks or gain merit, Thais often light candles in Spirit Houses

At what time did you actually find Talley?

Ten minutes ago.

That was precisely when I lit the candles.

Fon said we must go to the wat tomorrow with some gifts for the monks as a token of thanks.

It will give you merit. That’s why you must go.

Actually, I think whistling and calling out Talley’s name was how I found him. But best to go along with some of the more interesting Thai traditions.



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